We are the best

At this juncture “wanting to be the best….” should not be in our list of even wanting to try, for the simple reason that we are in fact already the best in anyone’s creation.  As trains go, our intelligence and sentience have left the station a long time ago, leaving other created  earthly entities in the dust. That is not the bloviation of a wanton ego…that is an expression of absolute fact.

Now regarding our supposed inferior physical attributes. If you are a big believer in macro-evolution and you opine that physically , we are inferior to a lot of the other living earthly entities, then why are you not blaming evolution for that. I certainly would if I’m in your shoes. But I am not wearing your shoes of total non-belief in the existence of a creative transcendental creator.

There was intent and purpose in why we may not be the best physical specimen  for the attributes that you are indicating other species has. And there is certainly intent and purpose as to why we are superior intellectually. Nature being un-intelligent can never assume responsibility for what it is that makes us human while the other living entities are not.

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