Law and Order

The United States of America, being the most democratically powerful country in the world, could and should act as the world’s ultimate purveyor of law and order. Law enforcement agencies  in any community be they local, regional or national assume responsibility for the safety of the people, making sure that laws are abided and disorder and anarchy cut as soon as they rear their ugly heads.

And so it is in the international community…..however, America should not do it alone. It should have the support of the people and government of other countries that are affected by chaos and disorder. Now civil war in another country is a different scenario altogether. Terrorism on the other hand, be it by religious fanatics/zealots, or criminal activities be they by drug lords and violent gangs should not be allowed to fester because if they become entrenched in any societal milieu, they become very difficult to eradicate. Eradication must have to be done from the perspective of a malignancy, that if not surgically removed or aggressively treated could mean the death of civilization as we know it.

What is happening now in Europe should be instructive to all of us. Some European leaders are now suggesting that terrorism and criminal activities should be considered as the new norm giving us  a rather incomprehensible view or reason on why they are totally unable to deal with the chaos in any meaningful way except to murmur “cest la vie.” The placid nature of their response is not totally lost on the people, who have started to clamor for a  robust response to remove them from their soil. As they must.

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