The Reality of Heaven

In his book “The Proof of Heaven” , Dr. Eben Alexander wrote a detailed narrative of his NDE(Near-Death Experience). He is a neuro-surgeon who suffered a most unusual and quite severe form of E.Coli meningitis that immediately knocked out the bio-chemical functioning of his brain, more specifically the cortical region that is responsible for consciousness. He rapidly became comatose and was mostly sustained medically by antibiotics and life support technologies that are now so easily available in any ICU setting. During the 7 days that he was comatose while under the 24 hours/day close monitoring in the ICU, he had a NDE, which he described in clear and vivid detail in his book.

In the book, he clearly delineated the fact that before his NDE, he as a neuroscientist, did not give much thought to the reality of an afterlife, the existence of heaven and spiritual entities. After he fully recovered from his illness (a recovery that was so medically unexpected considering the rapidity and severity of the meningitis), he spent quite a bit of introspection on what his NDE meant in the context of his intimate knowledge of neuro-anatomy, physiology and pathology.

He now concludes that there should not be any separation between science and spirituality, and that whatever artificial separation between the two that has been erected by our ego, should be erased, if we are to move forward towards our destiny to fully understand and truly unravel the truth and the mysteries of our existence vis-a-vis the universe and the transcendental entity that created it.

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