Evolution gone haywire

Naturalists argue that the “forces of evolution are no more by intelligent design than those of gravity. The result of all those forces, us, do not need a designer anymore than a falling rock does. We are certainly not the goal of evolution, just side-effects of a process much of which is driven by pure chance. Thus, there is nothing special about us; we are just the result of natural forces all the way and there is no indication whatsoever the earth was ‘placed’ where it is in order to produce us. And to think that we are the smartest animal to ever evolve is anthropomorphism at its worse. Our whole specie is less than a speck of dust in the universe; there is certainly no reason to think that we are the best at anything , let alone either curiosity or intelligence.”


Curiosity might be common to all intelligent beings, but introspection certainly  is not. Our curiosity is directed by introspection and undergirded by intuition. If any of these other intelligent entities intuitively introspect, then they will also be composing sonatas or love songs, building pyramids or the Eiffel Tower, writing sonnets and poems, painting Mona Lisa and sculpting David, inventing microscopes to peer into the micro-world, and building more and more powerful telescopes to look up into the heavens. On earth we are undeniably the most intelligent, intuitive and introspective beings for one simple reason —-we ask questions that are the most important and meaningful because the answers would impact our very existence.

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