Designing the DNA

The DNA is a molecule that has design written all over it. As I have noted in another blog, designing is the sole purview of a creative intelligent entity… thus, the veracity of the statement—” Intelligence creates design, not form patterns.  Forming patterns is the sole purview of a non-intelligent entity such as nature.”

This molecule alone is the reason why life exist.  Anything that could produce life, is to say the least, imparted with the intelligence from whom or from which it derived its ability to do so. The creation of the DNA was neither happenstance nor willy-nilly because in all its complexity it is simply an information based system. Common everyday experience teaches that information derives solely from activities of intelligent beings

 Intelligent entities are those that could invoke the ability to sense the environment and adjust accordingly its morphology, physiology and phenotype. Thus by definition, the DNA is intelligent when going through mutational changes that are responsible for the microscopic evolutionary  process that led to the creation of intelligent life.

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