Are we alone in the Universe

The existence of a multiverse i.e multiple (perhaps millions)  other universes, aside from ours has been proposed by cosmologists based on the idea that an existing universe might develop an “initiating impulse” that could lead to another universe, and another via what they term as “quantum fluctuations”. They think that our own universe came about from a fluctuation (the Big Bang) that happened in another universe, and that perhaps our own universe have “given birth” to other universes via the same process. Interesting, but as theories go, this one needs a lot of empirical fine tuning.

In our own universe, with millions of galaxies inhabiting its space-time continuum, what are the probabilities that we are not alone.  The impression by some is that the probabilities are enormous to the point of exhilaration in some quarters who extoll the idea that there is nothing special about us humans in the grand scheme of things in as much as there are other living and perhaps more intelligent/sentient beings (extra-terrestrials) out there percolating in their own cosmic environment.

A very astute middle-schooler once asked: If there are millions upon millions of ETs out there, why have we not heard from them?”

Assuming that there are more than quite a few of them have advanced civilization, much more advanced than ours and are therefore capable of communicating in whatever manner or form….why haven’t they. We, on our part have sent quite a few signals out there just over the past 40 years or so, but no takers. Why?

Some cosmologists have suggested a possible explanation. These advanced civilization may have self-destructed because they could not deal with the enormous burden of progressing or advancing their civilization to the ultimate path of glory, what ever that means. So they devalued, degraded and essentially self-destructed. A course that we might follow if we continue the atheistically propagated objectivism, reductionism, nihilism and anarchism that now pervade our cultural milieu.

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