A very perceptive astrophysicist once said: The universe is fine tuned for life, on the other hand it is sentient life that is  fine tuned for the universe.”

I tend to agree with this statement. I have always thought that  sentient life  was created and fine tuned by a transcendent entity (God), but for what purpose you might ask.  If His creation exist without life….. specifically sentient life that could perceive, experience, interpret and witness it, what good would his creation be? Certainly, if no sentient being knows that the universe exist, it would just be a “cold,dead space” just out there with neither usefulness nor timeliness.

A counter-argument was proposed by a nihilist when he said: “Life is just a tiny blip. Sentient life does not make a hoot of a difference. Our sun will go whether we get to acknowledge it or not. The universe like everything else had a beginning and will have an end. We are irrelevant to any of it.”

I find his argument problematic for one simple reason. The act of creating implies purpose and purpose implies that whatever was created had to be experienced by those with the ability to do so ie sentient beings, otherwise creating becomes an exercise in futility. I certainly don’t think God is into acts of futility.


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