Book Publishing

The process of getting a book published via self-publishing companies seemed simple enough, but in reality, exhaustively complicated and  severely expensive. My own experience had become an eye-opening tutorial when I decide to publish my first book titled “It’s All About Something”, a collection of essays that deal with subjects ranging from family, friendship, career, philosophy, physics and anything else in between that had an impact, negative or positive, on my life’s journey.

I submitted the book manuscript sometime in July 2017. After a preliminary review by one of the editors it was accepted to be published. It went through several editing processes. I proposed the book cover which was accepted;  the content galley was designed including the photos that I  provided which would accompany each essay. I reviewed the author introduction (written by a close friend), book cover, and interior galley including the photos and article formats, then I gave the approval to go ahead with the printing. They sent me the paper back, hard cover, and kindle versions for my final review. In December 2017, the book was finally made available to various online book sellers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Xlibris.

I insisted that the book be professionally reviewed as soon as possible. This was started when I sent the publisher the final installment payment  for the service which they then remitted to the Pacific Book Review and the US Review of Books. It was completed  3 months after publication. The wait was well worth it because the book earned positive reviews from both. I then insisted that a synopsis of both reviews be printed on the back cover.

The publisher suggested multiple marketing strategies with their corresponding expensive price tags.  I signed on to most of them thinking that it was important for the book to be introduced to potential readers. Some of the marketing process have been completed including a web site, that would direct the readers to take a closer look at the book, as well as a you tube book video, an audio recording of my radio interview, and the two book reviews mentioned above. It also included a video of my interview by Palm Springs magazine when I was voted one of the top 100 doctors in the Coachella Valley. A press release was also sent to various radio, TV and newspaper outlets all over the country.

Additionally, the book was displayed at several book festivals i.e Tucson Festival of Books, Los Angeles Book Exposition and the Book Exposition of America, held in New York. It would also be displayed internationally, in China, Mexico and Europe.  Several marketing strategies are still in the works including advertising campaigns in Publisher’s Weekly magazine and New York Times. A book review by Kirkus is also forthcoming as well as translation of the book by a scriptwriter for the purpose of presenting it to Hollywood producers.

Some folks (family, friends and acquaintances) have read the book and have given it a thumbs-up sign. The eternal hope of course is for a wider swath of readers to give it their attention and send similar thumbs-up approval.


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