The Dodo Bird

Must have been paradise the island of Mauritius,

Before Homo Sapiens landed on its shores.

Bringing with them exotic knowledge of calculus,

As well as rats, dogs, and Oh no! domestic boars.


Along with the island’s other plentiful fauna,

The dodo bird never seemed to get lost,

Among its towering and oh so beautiful flora,

Until nightfall when it was time to roost.


Man and dog started to hunt the ill-fated bird,

While the rats scampered around to steal its eggs.

The hogs thought the dodo bird looked absurd,

What with its useless wings and stubby legs.


It was sad how the bird instantly disappeared,

Never to return to his hallowed place of birth.

The law of the jungle is still loudly heard,

The smart survives and the weak hits the dirt.




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