Liberalism at its worst….

To quote a liberal friend of mine: “The progressives and liberalism will remain a constant burr under Trump’s saddle, we will see to that. They all will just ignore us to their peril. So we are bringing it on, how are conservatives going to stop it?”

So I said: You know what… your statement just reinforced the general idea that liberals and progressives are just a bunch of narcissists—-so seemingly sure of themselves and their much ballyhooed leftist ideology. Then when events don’t come their way, they start ranting and discombobulating about why it was some other people’s fault that their expectations did not become reality. The anarchy that they are now imposing on the rest of us, because their hopes and wishes did not come true is totally expected and so revealing of their innermost insecurities. Insecurities that if laid bare for all to see, lead to the conclusion that liberalism is so totally incompatible with the current worldwide view that human progress can only be done via sensical appropriation of resources that allows for the betterment of all people that work towards the goal of self-discipline and self-improvement. In terms of stopping the anarchy… isn’t that why we have laws that specifically deals with anarchy?  On second thought why even stop it. The destruction of liberalism by progressive ideologists could be the best entertainment one could hope for.

P.S. The entertainment value of watching liberals and progressives degrade and devalue themselves by constantly harping on why and how Trump is “unfit to be president” could only be 2 thumbs up. At this point, liberals must have realized that the more they criticize Trump, the more he becomes endeared to the rest of the voters… really one of the reasons why he won. If they haven’t, then they are more clueless that I thought they are.

The general view of the liberal agenda  is that it has for its underpinning the idea that life could be lived in a manner that does not require much thought and introspection. Take for example the liberal nonchalant attitude towards sexual activity vis-a-vis abortion, ie  one gets pregnant, in whatever sexual way it was done, and whatever is the product of that activity(a living entity we call fetus) could and should never be under anyone’s s way except the woman whose activity it was that produced that living entity. So if the woman decides that it is in her best interest to exercise her so-called reproductive rights or prerogatives, then  she terminates the living daylights out of that fetus, it goes down as the mangled detritus of the abortionist’s instruments.

That a living fetus is just a product of a woman’s activity, and therefore just like any product, could be disposed in any manner or form the producer of that product decide to do is an irretrievably mangled equation or predisposition, shrouded in a fog of moral/ethical degradation and devaluation.

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