The Pediatrician’s corner

The common impression that kid’s medical problems are a lot less difficult to deal with compared to  that of adults have some validity in so far as

Medical advice for children’s medical problems or issues

As a Pediatrician who's been in practice for more than 40 years I have accumulated a wealth of practical advice on how to take care of children's medical problems.


children typically do not have multi-system organ involvement that  would require the doctor to  go through complex thought processes in getting into the nooks and cranies of his patient’s  medical problems. No wonder Pediatricians are the most easy-going among all of the doctors that patient’s see in their lifetime.

  Of course there are pediatric medical problems that are complicated as well but they are not as frequent, and most certainly a lot of them are more amenable to treatment. In the sense that kids medical concerns are easier to deal with, telephone calls from parents with pediatricians giving advise during those calls have been very helpful  in obviating the need for the kids to be brought to the urgent care or the emergency room.